Birthday gift for Marty from Poporito and I. We drew the characters of his current in-progress project, The Island. If you want to try out the early test demo give it a go HERE, seems like it keeps getting updated with the latest build.


princess of hell



That was fun.

Space Dandy and some warm up sketches.


These will come in handy, thanks Daniel !
He’s got another sheet on his tumblr you might also want :)

(via anatomicalart)


Warm up after a few days without drawing.

Woops, this one was suppossed to be uploaded here, oh well.


Beach peach.

Hope you guys like feet cos there are 90~ feet sketches coming your way.

Wanted to learn a bit more about feet so I found this pack by SenshiStock and I’ve been working on and off on it for a couple weeks.

I think it’s good exercise so if you’ve been feeling that your feet look like a meaty mess, why not giving it a try?

Sluggish days

Sluggish days

Practice ad infinitum.